Proof of Sephardic Heritage

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The Spanish government requires proof of Sephardic heritage. Individuals whose families maintained Judaism throughout the centuries need to show proof of coming from a known Sephardi community, through membership in a Sephardi synagogue, ketubot, official documentation like census, passport or immigration records, genealogical evidence, etc.

Applicants whose families became crypto-Jews need to show a genealogy to a known Jewish individual or to one who was persecuted by the Inquisition.

If that is too difficult to procure, a name report from a genealogist or historian may be accepted in place of a genealogy. Individuals can also prepare their own well-documented name reports if they are based on archival work and scholarly sources, and are fully referenced.

Verified personal narratives from elders, oral history and multi-generational family customs can be used to supplement genealogical and Jewish communal documentation. This is particularly helpful when full accounts do not exist due to natural disasters, wars, and the Holocaust.

The Jewish Federation of New Mexico’s director of community outreach and historian, Sara Koplik, Ph.D. can make referrals based on your individual family history and heritage.

Documents can be presented to JFNM in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Hebrew and Arabic without translation. Other languages will need to have a translation attached.

New Mexican Families

 For individuals whose ancestors have lived in New Mexico for centuries and do not have family records, we recommend the help of genealogist Dennis Maez. His database contains approximately 300,000 individuals. Applicants will need to provide four to five generations of family history to get started. His service costs $300, and he may be able to go back 25 generations.

Dennis Maez
(505) 934-8052

Name Report

Please send an email to with details about your family history and heritage so that Dr. Koplik and her staff can make an appropriate referral. Please include as many family names and places as known.