Portuguese Citizenship



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Applying for citizenship in Portugal via the Sephardic law involves 3 main steps: 1) collecting the required documents and genealogical evidence; 2) obtaining a certificate of Sephardic ancestry from a recognized Jewish community in Portugal; 3) hiring a Portuguese immigration lawyer to help you submit your application to the Portuguese government.

Unlike the Spanish citizenship application process, this process does not require Portuguese language proficiency or a citizenship test. Nor does it require traveling to Portugal because your Portuguese attorney can act on your behalf. Once your application is approved, you may choose to pick up your Portuguese passport/birth certificate either in Portugal or at a local consulate.

Necessary documents:

You’ll need a valid passport and birth certificate, as well as documentary evidence of your Sephardic ancestry. This evidence can be in the form of a genealogy, letters from rabbis familiar with your family, membership in a Sephardic synagogue, or other clear means of proof. These documents do not need to be notarized/apostilled until you submit your application to the Portuguese government (Step 3 above).


JFNM Support

The Jewish Federation of New Mexico is available to assist applicants by collecting and evaluating all of the necessary documents, including genealogies, and formatting them in accordance with Portuguese law. Before submitting applications to Portugal’s recognized Jewish communities for official certification of Sephardic ancestry, we work closely both with applicants and with the communities in Portugal to ensure that the applications we submit will be approved for certification. We charge an administrative fee of 500 euros for this service.


The estimated overall cost of the Portuguese application process is significantly less than the estimated overall cost of applying for citizenship in Spain.

JFNM administrative fee: 500 euros

Document shipping costs to Portugal: 60-100 euros

Sephardic certificate: 500 euros for an individual; additional 250 euros per additional family member

Portuguese government application submission fee: 250 euros

Lawyer fees: around 1,000 euros per person

TOTAL estimated cost: 2,250 euros in addition to other costs (shipping, wiring, etc..)

If you would like more information or if you are interested in engaging our services, please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone at +1.505.242.1127 or by email at spain@jewishnewmexico.org.