FBI Background Check

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Another important step in this process for US nationals is obtaining an FBI background check, then getting an apostille from Washington, D.C. or Virginia, and lastly having it translated by a translator certified by the Spanish government.

You need to get two paper cards with your fingerprints on them, so that you can get a paper background check. Do not use the electronic scan version.

Many different companies can help with this process. First, you may want to hire a channeler to help speed up the process.

Be sure to use a company that will send a gray paper copy, and not one that only send an email, as that is not accepted

Here is the list of FBI Approved Channelers

Accurate Biometrics

Biometrics4All, Inc.

National Background Check, Inc.

National Credit Reporting
I used this company. It was inexpensive and took 10 days.


Next, you will need a company to help you get the apostille in Washington, DC or Virginia only. (An apostille from your home state is not acceptable.).

Here is some information from several recommended companies:

US Legalization

1615 Bay Head Rd. Annapolis MD 21409
Phone: (410) 349-4900
Fax: (410) 349-4910
Toll Free: (888) 999-3434

Email: billing@uslegalization.com

I used this company, it was also inexpensive and took approximately 10 days.


Apostille Courier Express
(Don’t use the email service)


For New Mexico and El Paso area:

If you need to have your fingerprints processed within a few days, you can travel to El Paso.

Pete Armendariz

910 E. Redd Rd. Ste. K
El Paso, TX 79912

phone: (915) 581-5555


Never remove the staples from an apostille, otherwise that will render the document invalid. When you scan in the documents, just simply fold the paper back as best you can.

Please let us know if you have other successes or frustrations with this process, as we wish to provide as helpful information as possible!