Location Spain. Green pin on the map.

*Costs for Certificate of Sephardic Origin from the Jewish Federation of New Mexico:

There is no cost to apply for a certificate. 

If your proof is accepted, we will charge $180 for a notarized certificate in English
and Spanish, and complete with an apostille from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office.

At that point, please pay here via PayPal or call Kristen Gurule at +1 505 821 3214 with your credit card number.

This cost includes a $36 donation to become a member of the Jewish Federation of New
Mexico, and a $36 donation to Congregation Albert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This
certificate will certify your Sephardic heritage, and also provide one of the two necessary
“special connections” to Spain.




$180 Cost for certificate after initial approval granted, should take three weeks
$___ extra donation or postage fee