Location Spain. Green pin on the map.

*Costs for Certificate of Sephardic Origin from the Jewish Federation of New Mexico:

$36 to apply for the certificate through this website. This covers the costs of analyzing your evidence.

If your proof is accepted, we will charge an additional $144 for a notarized certificate in English
and Spanish, and complete with an apostille from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office.

The total cost includes a $36 donation to become a member of the Jewish Federation of New
Mexico, and a $36 donation to Congregation Albert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This
certificate will certify your Sephardic heritage, and also provide one of the two necessary
“special connections” to Spain.





$36 Application Fee
$144 Cost for certificate after initial approval granted, should take three weeks
$324 Express service – one week process, includes courier driving 120 mi round-trip
$___ extra donation