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Steps for Children Applicants

It is recommended that children under age 18 who are nationals of non-Spanish speaking nations apply alongside their parents. Children can apply independently if their parents are unable to pass the DELE A2 and CCSE exams.

Children who only hold a passport from a Spanish-speaking nation can become citizens after their parents attain Spanish citizenship. (One exception to this rule are 16 and 17 year olds who may turn 18 before their parents’ process is completed.)

Children from Non-Spanish Speaking Nations Need: 

their own certificate of Sephardic heritage from us or another Jewish organization in their home nation,

a Sefardic heritage certificate from (if possible)

a valid passport,

a certified birth certificate (with certified Spanish translation and apostille),

two special links to Spain (only one if receiving JFNM’s certificate),

a letter of certifying good behavior from the child’s school principal, for those ages 6-17.

The letter of good behavior must be on the school’s letterhead, including the school’s seal (if that exists), and using the child’s full legal name (as found on birth certificate and passport), with birth date and passport number included. All information must be typed into the letter, and not handwritten. It must state that the child is well-behaved and attends all classes. Personal details about the child are also welcome, especially relating to Spanish studies or moral character.

The principal of the school must sign the letter and have his or her signature notarized. The letter also needs an apostille. If possible, it is recommended to write it in Spanish or bilingually with English to avoid the further expense of having it translated by a certified translator.

Parents need to show:

scans of their passports,

a certified marriage certificate that has been translated into Spanish and has an apostille, if they are currently married.

No background checks or Spanish examinations are necessary. Children under age 13 do not need to travel to Spain. However, both of their parents do. Adolescents ages 13-17 need to sign at the Notario’s office on their own behalf alongside at least one parent. If a second parent chooses not to travel s/he must sign a power of attorney form granting the traveling parent permission to sign for their child.

Lawyer fees for children are $1,100 with attorney Luis Portero.