children with a guitar

Steps for Children Applicants

At this point, it is recommended that children under age 18 apply alongside their parents. (Children can apply independently if their parents are unable to pass the DELE A2 and CCSE exams.)

Children need: a certificate of Sephardic heritage, valid passport, birth certificate (with certified Spanish translation and apostille), two special links to Spain (only one if receiving JFNM’s certificate) and a letter of certifying good behavior from the child’s school principal (with certified Spanish translation and apostille). No background checks or Spanish examinations are necessary. However, both parents need to travel to the Notario’s office in Spain. Children aged 13 and under do not need to travel to Spain, while those aged 14-17 will need to accompany their parents.
Lawyer fees for children are $1,100 with attorney Luis Portero. Independent child applicants need to pay the full fee. (Sliding scale is available as needed.)