The Jewish Federation of New Mexico
is Your Link to Spain

Do you have Sephardic (Spanish Jewish) heritage? Are you interested in acquiring Spanish citizenship?  If so, the Jewish Federation of New Mexico is here to help.

You do not need to be currently Jewish. Members of any religion from anywhere on earth are welcome to apply. But, please note that the program has been extended one more year to October 1, 2019, but still it’s best to get started right away, as it is a long and detailed process.

Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Be sure to obtain a passport from your home country which does not expire before 2019. Most steps cannot proceed without a valid passport.
  2. Obtain a certificate of Sephardic heritage. Be able to clearly prove Sephardic ancestry or familial connection to an established Sephardic community. As a general rule, individuals of any religion with a Converso Jewish heritage will need to provide genealogical evidence, while Jewish individuals can provide genealogical evidence and/or show their connection to a Sephardic community.
  3. For applicants between ages 18-70, pass an intermediate Spanish language exam (called the DELE A-2) and a Spanish civics and culture exam (called CCES) at an Instituto Cervantes, located in Albuquerque, Boston, Chicago, New York, Miami, or Seattle.
  4. Pass an FBI and a state-level criminal background check
  5. Show a special connection to Spain
  6. Travel to Spain

The entire process should cost approximately $6,000, and can take up to a year.  It should cost approximately $2,000 to gather all necessary documents, including the fees for the Spanish tests, official translations, background checks and apostilles.  Lawyer fees with the attorney we recommend, Luis Portero, charges $1,900 for adults.

Lastly, it should cost approximately $2,000 for a short trip to Spain, dependent upon city of origin. 

If you have proof of connection to a clearly Sephardic relative or ancestor and would like a certificate certifying your Sephardic heritage from the Jewish Federation of New Mexico, let’s get started!